Simulation Curriculum

Your Emergency Medicine education will expand to newfound abilities through the use of high fidelity medical simulation during your residency training at Beaumont Health. Throughout your three years of residency training you will encounter multiple simulation related events that will strengthen clinical, non-clinical, cultural and other aspects of your training. Through the use of the Marcia & Eugene Applebaum Simulation Learning Institute at Beaumont, Royal Oak you will have access to the $4.5 million education facility. From individual to group simulation case scenarios state of the art equipment will be available to expand your education. As one of the most advanced medical simulation facilities in North America, the Applebaum Simulation Learning Institute aims to provide hands on application to improve communication, psychomotor, and cognitive skills for our Emergency Medicine residents. High fidelity medical simulation not only provides you with a breadth of knowledge but also a means to improve safety and outcomes for our patients.

What makes our medical stimulation so successful you may ask? While technology is at the forefront of advancement, it is the humanistic aspect of medical stimulation that enhances your residency experience. From interacting with the simulation directors to the simulation staff to your peers in both team and “confederate” scenarios, cases bring forth a real world application that you can utilize in your upcoming shift. Medicine is evolving, thus it is imperative to have every opportunity at your feet to improve your residency experience. That complex medical case that was presented during your first medical simulation experience can walk through those Emergency Department’s front doors on your next clinical shift. Having that clinical, social, mental, cognitive skills fortified in a simulation situation only brings forth a greater understanding for what’s to come.

Have you heard of our annual Beaumont SIMWARS? Beyond the medical simulation within solo and group cases, we are proud to present a tremendously highly interactive mult-case competition within Beaumont Royal Oak annually where both residents and attendings compete with unique team names and costumes/attires in front of their peers on a special March day. From superhero capes to dinosaur to pirate costumes, our residents and attendings engage in a lively, fun, challenging day of medical simulations. Furthermore you will have the opportunity to participate in regional and national simulation competitions. Simply put, comradery is at its finest during your medical simulation experiences as an Beaumont Emergency Medicine resident for the sole purpose of making you a more well rounded Emergency Physician.