Our residency has a long history and continued commitment to excellent emergency medicine research. Each of our residents completes at least one scholarly project during their training, and each year several are able to present their work at regional and national conferences. Our stellar research faculty mentor residents from the beginning of residency with formal education on reseach methodology, through the completion of each of their projects. The department and institution provide significant resources towards that end. The Emergency Department has a full time research nurse manager who oversees a research staff of 7 people, two of which are based at our community hospital in Troy, Michigan.  The Beaumont Research Institute provides necessary support (IRB, contracts, statistics, etc.) to conduct small or large scale research. 

Clinical research is active at both Royal Oak and Troy campuses, which provide care for approximately 230,000 patients annually. The focus of our clinical research is on cutting edge interventions which evaluate and treat the critically ill and injured patient. We are unique in that our research studies are performed not only within our four walls, but in different venues including the community, in collaboration with local Emergency Medical Services (EMS) agencies,  our 23-hour Emergency Observation Unit, and inpatient beds in collaboration with other services.  There are basic science labs and biobank available, but we currently do not have any ongoing basic science research.

The scope of emergency research is broad, ranging from long-term outcomes after minor injury to resuscitative care for cardiac arrest patients to comatose patients who are revived from cardiac arrest.  Our clinical researchers coordinate over 25 clinical trials, including physician-initiated single center studies and industry/NIH sponsored multi center trials.

Active Research

Current trials by our staff are focused on a number of  different topics. They include:

Dr. Robert Swor

Predictors of adverse outcome after minor traumatic injury; Telemedicine application of palliative care for patients with advanced severe disease; Optimal method of sedation for patients post cardiac arrest; SaveMi Heart-A statewide initiative to double cardiac arrest survivial in Michigan; Evaluating bystander actions during a cardiac arrest;  Evaluating emergency care of the cancer patient;  Participation in the NIH funded SIREN Network. 

Dr. Carol Clark

Treatment of the emergency patient with severe influenza; Evaluating medications to reverse factor Xa inhibitors; Assessing complications of patients on factor Xa inhibitors; Evaluating devices to measure point of care biomarkers for emergency care; Evaluating if sodium zirconium cyclosilicate with insulin and glucose prove tolerable and efficacious in patients with hyperkalemia (ENERGIZE).

Dr. Kelly Levasseur

Comparison of anaphylaxis in urban vs. suburban populations.

Dr. Brett Todd

Assessing clinical decision making and cognitive error in the emergency department.

Dr. Ronny Otero

Utilization of student research associates in the ED;  Treatment of septic shock with Vitamin C, corticosteroids and thiamine (ACT); Evaluating complications of anti-coagulants in trauma patients; Use of non-invasive respiratory monitors in emergency patients. 

Dr. David Berger

Evaluation and optimization of resuscitation education for residents; Randomized controlled trial of admission vs. observation for mild CHF exacerbations.

Dr. Amit Bahl

Assessing the longevity of standard vs mid-length IV catheters using point of care ultrasound; Use of point of care ultrasound to assess respiratory distress.


Dr. Aveh Bastani

Impact of operational improvements on clinical care in the real world.

Dr. Danielle Turner-Lawrence

Utilization of 4-D CT to diagnose acute pulmonary embolism.



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