Jake Price, MD  EM Class of 2018 US Fellow of 2019

Jake Price, MD
EM Class of 2018
US Fellow of 2019

Thinking about a fellowship?

While many PGY-1s may not yet have rotated outside the department (or inside!), most PGY-2s will be signing contracts in less than a year. With this in mind, it's important to keep that next step in mind even at the early stages of your training and take the opportunities to learn about the options out there.

As you might expect, we have the most robust resources (in our department) to offer regarding ultrasound fellowships, but beyond talking to Amit, Abi, Steve, myself, my classmate Jane Xiao in Portland at OHSU, Mina, or Marco, you can also seek out advice online. The Academic Life in Emergency Medicine blog (ALiEM) has a developing series on fellowships. Germane to ultrasound are two video chats (12) with discussions by program directors of what kinds of experiences (research, teaching, administration) you can obtain through an ultrasound fellowship beyond just performing more scans. A starting point to learn about individual programs is the Society of Clinical Ultrasound Fellowhips homepage.

Of course, we would be remiss not to mention PEM. ALiEM again has both a PD discussion (here) and a brief FAQ from a few years back (here). In addition to Dan Nguyen, one of my classmates Aditi Mitra is presently in her first year at U Mich and would be happy to answer questions.

Critical Care is certainly a newer kid on the block for EM, but some of the basics are laid out here. Another one of my classmates Eric Ahlstrom is in his first year at Georgetown and Nana Sefa from a year above us is into his second year at Brigham and Women's and both would be happy to chat if you're interested. You've also got a few more months to corner Joseph Hamera before he heads off to University of Michigan's medicine Critical Care next year.

In third year you'll have a month of exposure to toxicology, but if the quarterly grand rounds have piqued your interest, you can follow another video chat here or run through a quick FAQ. I actually dual applied in ultrasound and toxicology so can offer some insight into the specialty and how to approach applications, but you can also get in touch with the PD downtown at the Poison Control Center. Andy King (aking@dmc.org) is a great guy and always eager to offer advice for interested learners.

The full fellowship list is actually pretty long, including simulationglobal health/international emergency medicine, hyperbarics, disaster medicine, geriatrics (chat with Lauren Cameron Comasco), education, administrative (our own Jeff Ditkoff), research (Nick Harrison as well as the above mentioned Jane Xiao), EMS, tactical emergency medicine (one of Fadi's classmates Ameen Jamali completed a program at Johns Hopkins), Hospice and Palliative medicine and potentially more if you've got an interest in it. But don't wait to start looking into options. Every application timeline is different (anesthesia critical care fellowships uniquely require application in PGY-2 for 3 year programs), application process varies by specialty (NRMP vs phonecall offers), and requirements may be above and beyond our normal residency curriculum (medicine CCM will require additional months in the unit).

If you're interested in contact information for any of the above listed names, please don't hesitate to reach out and we'll get you in touch with them.

Jake Price, MD