Resident Didactic Conference/grand rounDs

Four hours of every Thursday morning are dedicated for residents to attend and participate in didactic conference. Residency leadership strives to provide a variety of opportunities to engage all resident learners with a focus on interactive education. Our residency participates in EM foundations, which is an interactive flipped-classroom curriculum to provide fundamental didactics. In addition, a variety of speakers, including guest lectures from outside the institution, multi-disciplinary conferences, mock oral boards, our very own SimWars and internal Clinical Pathologic Case (CPC) competitions keep conference fresh, fun and interactive.

em foundations

Foundational EM knowledge is taught in a variety of way. Our residents benefit from the use of EM Foundations, which is a national curriculum which uses a flipped classroom model to teach basic and advanced Emergency Medicine to prepare residents for the in training exam and the boards. 

procedure lab

Quarterly procedure labs allow residents to practice and improve procedural skills. These venues also provide the ability to practice rare procedures such as cricothyroidotomy, pericardiocentesis, and difficult airway adjuncts. 

proc lab.jpg


A quarterly simulation curriculum will take place in our dedicated simulation learning institute. It will provide the opportunity to safely practice skills to mastery and have exposure to rare, once in a lifetime simulated cases. This will be a venue for both individual and team-based learning. As a senior resident it will also serve as a way to hone teaching skills. 


Evidence Based Medicine Curriculum

Evidence based medicine is incorporated into more than one facet of didactics including grand rounds and journal club. Journal club is an integral part of our residency where residents have the opportunity to present and participate in discussing up to date literature and research studies. Journal club is held monthly and is hosted by one of our faculty members. In addition to journal club, residents are funded to attend the SAEM meeting during their intern year.