1. The Council of Residency Directors (CORD) in Emergency Medicine and the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) reduced conference education from 5 hours to 4 hours per week.
2. One additional hour per week must be documented with asynchronous learning outside of the classroom. Each resident must complete 45 hours per year of residency.
3. Individual Interactive Instruction must consist of the following: monitoring of activity, evaluation of the activity, faculty oversight, and monitoring of activity for effectiveness.

Submit asynchronous learning experience using the following link:


Click link for Asynchronous Learning Credit Totals 2017-2018 updated 06/18


EM Foundations website with resources for Foundations I and II lessons


Simulation Session=2 credit hours per quarter, up to 8 hours max per year

Medical Student Discussion Teaching Session (PGY3 only)= 2 credit hours

Medical Student Procedure Lab Teaching Session(PGY3 only)= 3 credit hours

ACLS/ATLS/PALS Certification Course = 8 credit hours per course per year

ACLS Instructor Course = 4 credit hours per year

Recertification of ACLS/PALS = 4 credit hours per year

Intern Orientation Month (PGY1 only) = 16 credit hours per residency

ACEP Scientific Assembly 2017 = up to 3 credit hours per day of conference

SAEM Scientific Assembly 2018 = up to 3 credit hours per day of conference

CORD Academic Assembly = up to 3 credit hours per day of conference

2018 Leadership and Advocacy Conference May 2018 = up to 3 credit hours per day of conference

Detroit Trauma Symposium November 9th and 10th, 2017=16 credit hours per year

EMRAM Inservice Review Course February 3rd and 4th, 2018= up to 8 credit hours per day of conference

EMRAM SIMWARS and Research Day April 2018 = 4 credit hours per year

Medical Student Noon Lecture (PGY3 only) = 1 credit hour per lecture given

Medical Student Procedure Lab (PGY3 only) = 2 credit hours per procedure lab

SAEM Chief Residents Forum 2017 (PGY2 only) = 8 credit hours

Teach the Teacher Symposium 2017 (PGY 2 and 3 only) = 4 credit hours

Patient follow up's = 1 credit hours per year

Tox in a Box = 1 credit hour per toxicology topic

EM:RAP audiocasts = 1 credit hour per audiocast

EB Medicine topic review = 1 credit per reading

EMCrit Podcasts with Dr. Scott Weingart = 1 credit hour per podcast

Non-EM Lecture Attendance (ex. DRH Grand Rounds, Ob Conference etc.) = hours TBD

Emergency Medicine Reports(free online subscription) = 1 credit per reading

Presentation at a National Conference = credit hours TBD up to a maximum of 3 hours per conference

Rosh Review Question Bank = 1 credit per test taken

Peds EM Fellows Conference Lecture = 1 credit per hour of conference attended/completed online

AIR Series(Approved Instructional Resources) module = 2 credits per module completed

Ultrasound Podcast with Mike and Matt = variable credits per podcast

Emergency Medicine HIPPOEM Education = variable credits per podcast

Dr. Amal Mattu's free Emergency EKG Video of the Week = variable credits per EKG Review

Dr. Amal Mattu's New Online Site for ECG Education = variable credits per EKG Review

Dr. Stephen Smith's Review of Instructive EKG's in Clinical Context = variable credits per EKG Review

Dr. Mark Silverberg's Examine and Practice Reading EKG's = variable credits per EKG Review